Growing chilli in Melbourne

I got my chilies from Bunning's (just like just about anything around the house) as small plants. Since the summer in Melbourne is not the longest you have only a limited window of opportunity to grow chili and starting from seeds may make you lose some good chili ripening time. There are suggestions about planting the seedlings in pots but I bravely skipped that bit and planted them directly in the garden. Since I wasn't sure how much sun they need I put them in a spot which gets sun since morning till about 2pm. I read somewhere that morning sun is always better than the harsh arvo sun and so when I'm not sure I follow this simple (and good) advice. I planted them bit late and also last summer (2022/23) wasn't that great and so they only started getting fruit at the very end of summer. Yet, I did get about 6 chilies between 5-10cm long. One I chopped while still green and it wasn't all that hot and so I left the other to turn red. A few are nice dark red and a few are bit paler red but still I'm happy :)


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