Roses blooming cycle in Melbourne

Roses blooming cycle in Melbourne

I have 2 white rose bushes in front of my house. Now, there are many different types of white roses and I bought my house with those rose bushes already there and so I attempted some "Google" identification and I believe mine are White Drift Rose Trees. Even though some articles claim that White Drift Roses are resistant to black spots this certainly is not my case as I do have those nasties..

I also have a one red rose bush but it's (unfortunately) not doing very well and only bloomed once and only briefly. For that reason I couldn't identify it either. But I'm working on it though and hopefully next summer it'll do better.


Once new shoots start to grow in the warmer spring weather you should also spring to action and fertilize your rose bushes/trees. I use Black Marvel which is a cheapish rose fertilizer from Bunning's but any fertilizer would do. I'm not afraid to give them bit of nitrogen :) At this point my roses are doing their 1st bloom cycle. Once the flowers start to die out (turn tired and brown) wait a bit to have more of them in that state and then chop them off and don't let them turn to rose hips.


Not that much I need to do now apart from watering them every couple of days and giving them the occasional fertilizer run. Have a beer, kick back and relax. My roses are doing their 2nd bloom cycle now. Same thing happens here where I'd cut off the spent flowers to avoid creating rose hips.


Now my roses would be doing their 3rd bloom cycle. Still give them love and fertilizer BUT NOW DO let them turn to rose hips. I need the bushes to think that they're finishing the summer cycle and will be going to their winter sleep soon. Those rose hips are exactly the signal they need to start to hibernate over winter.


When the weather turns cold and your roses are full of rose hips I'd cut the bushes right down and let them hibernate. Usually it rains reasonably over winter and so there's absolutely nothing that needs to be done which is great :)

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