Got new and electric lawn mower

So my old petrol lawn mower died second time. The first time around I cleaned the carburetor and it did come alive but the second time I couldn't remember how I did that the first time around and just couldn't be bothered to try to work it out again. Anyways, I decided to get an electric lawn mower instead. Two advantages there - 1. no need to drive to petrol station with a container, 2. no need to be cleaning carburetors.

And here it is, I got this bad boy in Bunning's for some $AU 549,- which is acceptable. Did a test with un-charged battery and it did some acceptable cutting. After I've charged it, it did some excellent cutting on that jungle I had in front of the house haha. If I'm more diligent with the mowing and won't let the lawn grown to over half meter height :) I believe I won't even need to re-charge the battery towards the end of the action.

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